Telecoms instalation

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A Look at IMS’s Offerings

When it comes to the installation of telecom towers, preparation and support services play a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and long-term functionality. IMS, a leading provider of utility services, offers a comprehensive range of solutions to facilitate the installation process. From urgent response services to telecom compound construction, IMS has established itself as a reliable partner in the telecommunications industry.

  1. Premium Urgent Response Services:

IMS recognizes the importance of prompt action in urgent situations. Their premium urgent response services are designed to address critical issues efficiently. Some of the services offered include guano clearances (both rooftop and mast climb), sharps removal and disposal, fly tipping/access removal, vegetation removal, tree surgery for urgent limb removal and wind-blown damage. By promptly resolving these issues, IMS ensures a safe and conducive environment for tower installation and maintenance.

  1. Additional Services:

In addition to their urgent response services, IMS provides a range of additional services that further enhance their utility offerings. Intrusive surveying, including rooftop surveys, allows for a comprehensive assessment of the installation site, ensuring accurate planning and execution. Specific civil survey work, such as telecom mast base confirmation, guarantees the stability and reliability of the tower’s foundation. Trial hole schemes throughout the midlands and south of England aid in gathering crucial data for construction purposes. IMS also specializes in compound/site decommissioning and demolition work, providing a complete range of solutions for various project stages.

  1. Telecom Compound Construction:

IMS’s expertise extends to telecom compound construction, a crucial aspect of tower installations. They excel in both roadside pole construction/upgrade work and greenfield site construction, including Swann tower installs. With a proven track record of constructing 38 sites in the last 18 months, IMS has demonstrated its proficiency in various construction techniques. Their capabilities include the construction of gabion walls, pre-cast retaining walls, dry stone walling, concrete stair forming, handrail installation, and all access track and drainage work. By handling the entire compound construction process, IMS ensures a seamless and efficient installation of telecom towers.